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In an age where cosmetic surgery has skyrocketed and people are more concerned with wearing "look-a-like" designer threads rather than real ones, Bruce Hardwood Flooring continues to stick to its values as a company in producing top of the line, high quality, hardwood floors satellite direct tv.

They've also stuck by their motto of keeping woods' natural beauty apparent in all of their lines satellite direct tv. Some flooring manufacturers have gone over-the-top with high-gloss finishes that are nearly blinding satellite direct tv. Others insist on hiding the woods' natural markings with thick coats of paint, producing a phony, "manufactured" look satellite direct tv. What happened to natural-looking hardwood floors?

Bruce Hardwoods' Wentworth Estate Collection of engineered hardwood floors is a naturalist's dream satellite direct tv. Just like the floors found in old estate homes, these floors are truly a cut above the rest satellite direct tv. Made from oak, birch, hickory, and maple species, Wentworth Estate's floors come in the traditional five-inch wide planks with varying lengths satellite direct tv.

The handscraping accents on these floors, combined with subtle pigmentation don't distract from the woods' natural elements - they enhance them satellite direct tv. Maple Cottage Brick exudes warmth, while Yellow Birch Conventry is a cool, chocolate mousse-colored brown satellite direct tv. Maple Traditional Fawn is soft and sophisticated, and radiates in a sun-lit room satellite direct tv.

Hickory Chocolate Truffle offers the swirls and squiggles that hickory fans will adore satellite direct tv. (it's just as delectable as the name suggests!) Amber Blush is a light golden wood with the slightest hint of cherry undertones satellite direct tv. Hickory Peppercorn is ultra dark and lavish in the way that it commands attention in a room satellite direct tv. This is perfect for folks who want something extravagant in their homes, and who prefer upscale furniture and designs satellite direct tv. The darkness gives the wood a little more sheen and smoothness than the rest of the woods in this collection, but it lends itself well for those who want something luxurious satellite direct tv.

All edges and ends in this collection are micro-beveled, and planks can be installed lock and fold with or without glue satellite direct tv. The lock and fold application means you could do it yourself, although it's recommended that you consult with a Bruce Hardwoods licensed retail and installation specialist satellite direct tv. A professional can guide you through the selection process of woods and determine which color and flooring option is right for your home satellite direct tv.