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Interactive dog toys are a good source of entertainment and are becoming increasingly popular with dog owners satellite direct. Dogs spend more time playing with them because they are engaged and entertained for longer periods of time satellite direct. Unlike the traditional pet supplies that we've all become accustomed to, these are meant to challenge your dog's ability satellite direct. This challenging entertainment not only keeps your dog occupied, but keeps him/her mentally challenged as well satellite direct. There are several types of different pet supplies
of this type available satellite direct. They are just a neat way to feed your dog and keep the brain working satellite direct. These toys will keep you dog busy for hours while promoting good health and agility satellite direct. Interactive dog toys are able to bring more fun and excitement for the dog, especially for dogs that get bored easily and a little mischievous satellite direct. They are important for strengthening the bond between you and your dog, with games of fetch being the most popular satellite direct. From "chuck-its" to latex balls, there's plenty of choice for the perfect game of retrieve, as we have ball on a rope dog toys and dog frisbees satellite direct. Our "chuck-its" have the added advantage of helping you throw the dog ball further with less effort satellite direct. To help with training in games of fetch so the dog retrieves the dog toy we recommend a dog treat training product or tube: your dog only gets the tasty treat inside once they've brought it back to you and released it satellite direct. Interactive pet supplies for your puppy are ideal for spending some quality time with your pup and getting in some light exercise satellite direct. The unique designs allow for multiple pull points to start the ultimate tug-of-war game satellite direct. Make some noise with squeaker dog toys that come in fun shapes and colors satellite direct. Your dog is sure to love our squeaky pet supplies that come in a variety of various characters satellite direct. Squeaking dog toys are always a favorite so treat your dog with a fun toy that will squeak back satellite direct. Interactive dog toys are about the dog interacting with the owner, not the dog interacting with himself satellite direct. Hide-away toys will occupy dogs and eliminate boredom, plus develop intelligence and puzzle-solving skills with interaction with the owner satellite direct. You show the dog how to play; your dog watches, listens and learns; and then the playing begins satellite direct. Interactive dog toys are perfect for active dogs that love to play satellite direct. They are intentionally designed to withstand a lot of biting activities satellite direct. Your pets will always be safe and happy while using interactive pet supply products satellite direct. Also, interactive dog toys are recommended by most pet owners and trainers because these products are known for durability unlike other dog toys which have weak construction satellite direct. Interactive dog toys are great tools to keep your dog entertained satellite direct. If your dog likes to play 'fetch' or 'tug-of-war', all sorts of dog toys are available for canine fun satellite direct. Flying-disc type toys that are durable, but soft on your dog's mouth, are a great way for exercising both you and your dog satellite direct. Dogs really do need toys, that is, if you don't want them chewing your personal things satellite direct. Dog toys keep dogs mentally occupied so that they don't get into mischief and help puppies with teething, so it's important to make sure your dog has enough toys readily available to him or her at any given time satellite direct. Interactive dog toys are amazing learning toys for dogs, which mentally stimulate your pet in a fun and creative way satellite direct. Pet owners may struggle when trying to find outlets for their dog's energy, and if no way is provided a dog may find other ways on their own, resulting in destructive chewing, being over active, or even overly aggressive satellite direct. These interactive toys have proven to be the answer for many satisfied pet owners satellite direct. The toys are designed to mentally activate dogs and puppies in a positive and educational way satellite direct. Brain activity is important to keep dogs healthy; these toys are meant for the dog to develop problem solving skills in a variety of ways satellite direct. The objective of each game is for them to find hidden treats by lifting blocks, pushing blocks, turning discs, and other activities satellite direct. This provides your pet with a fun game that is stimulating and enjoyable for the dog and pet-lover satellite direct. These games for dogs are wonderful toys to utilize during times when exercising outside isn't possible, because of extreme heat or cold and these brilliant pet supplies are a perfect addition to our selection of interactive dog toys satellite direct.

Description: The Pyrenean Shepherd is just about the smallest in the sheepdog group, with a height in the male dog between 15 and 21 inches and the bitch being between 15½ and 20½ inches size varies between the longhair variety and the smooth muscle variety, and they generally weigh between 15 and 32 pounds satellite direct. The longhair variety has long to medium length hair that is thick and slightly wavy whereas the smooth muscles variety has a totally flat coat of similar length satellite direct. They are usually dark fawn colours that can have some white markings and may also, sometimes, have darker hair intermingled in the coat satellite direct. white coats are very unusual satellite direct. The smooth muscle variety can come in various colours and white is not so rare satellite direct.

History satellite direct. They are about the oldest French breed, having had a draft standard presented Count Henri de Bylandt in 1897 satellite direct. These dogs played an important role in the 1914-18, First World War satellite direct. They were used as communications dogs, carrying messages between the various groups of soldiers, and also to the headquarters, etc satellite direct. many of the dogs dying in the act of carrying out their assigned duties satellite direct. Obviously, after the war the numbers had dropped significantly, French Shepherd's started rebuilding the breed, but of course they were mainly concerned with the characteristics of the dog and did not pay too much attention to its thoroughbred background satellite direct. In response to this a club was formed, and they drew up a standard, included within an agreement of French dog breed standards, which was presented in 1921 satellite direct. In 1923 a more accurate standard was defined, by the Reunion des Amateurs de Chiens Pyreneens which is a group that still exists to the present day satellite direct. This group also represents another three groups of the Pyrenean breeds satellite direct.

Temperament satellite direct. There are slight differences between the smooth muzzled and longhair varieties, the longhair variety tends to be more nervy and is a little harder to train as a result satellite direct. They are energetic and alert the slightly nervy tendency, they are courageous vocal dogs that are constantly alert, as a result of their guarding nature satellite direct. They need large amounts of exercise and a determined master satellite direct. They are wary of anything unknown, and need to be introduced to friends and visitors satellite direct. They have a mischievous and inquisitive look about them, and have a tendency to investigate satellite direct. Although small, as sheepdogs go, they do require a great deal of exercise and mental stimulation satellite direct. They are faithful and hard-working, and as long as you can assert yourself adequately, they make an excellent pet satellite direct.

Health issues satellite direct. They're a fairly long-lived breed with an average lifespan of 14 to 15 years satellite direct. There is little evidence to support any significant inherent health disorders satellite direct.

Grooming satellite direct. This breed requires brushing or combing frequently, once sometimes twice a day satellite direct. When they are moulting this is even more important, or they can develop an unhealthy and dull look satellite direct. Regular baths are also a requirement of the Pyrenean Shepherd, which you will find to be quite a challenge; you will definitely need a sense of humour when bathing your pet satellite direct.

Living conditions satellite direct. This is a highly energetic dog and requires lots of exercise, and a fairly strict feeding regime which the breeder would have supplied you with satellite direct. The diet is extremely important, as a result of which, they can be a fairly expensive pet to own satellite direct. Along with it screening requirements this makes a Pyrenean sheepdog a fairly high maintenance pet satellite direct. It is not suited to apartment life as it likes a lot of outdoor activity; also due to its alert nature it would tend to bark a lot at people going past your apartment satellite direct. You should not consider this dog unless you can provide enough time and care to it satellite direct.

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