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Go Golf Buddy!


Ok!  A friend of mine got the GolfBuddy... now this is cool!  This is probably one of the sweetest tech-devices a golfer can own.  It is a very impressive piece of technology.


So not to get too caught up with all the technology I think that this device is everything that you expect from a gps device.  With that said, does it do what you want it to do?  Well, my buddy seems to think it is for him.


Well, me being me, I decided that I should test this gps myself.  I used a gps years ago and was not very impressed... in fact; I had not even considered getting one until now.


The GolfBuddy does have a fairly easy to use interface and is available for both Windows and Mac users.  I think that anyone with a low to moderate level of computer smarts and some time to read through the manual can figure the basics through to advanced features of this device.  There are over 34,000 golf courses available and GolfBuddy will even allow you to request golf courses that are not on the website.


Ok, now I get to tell you about all the cool things I liked!  If you like the newest and the best then you will like what I am about to tell you!  The things that I like the best when using GolfBuddy:


  • -Automatic course and hole recognition
    •    ->Lets you know exactly where you are without searching
  • -Touch screen
  • -Incredibly visible screen
  • -Zoom in/out
  • -Score tracking for up to 4 players


This device also promotes some other functions that really make it more marketable.  Some things that may seem obvious but really make this device complete:


  • -Having a full layout mode
    •    ->Allows you to see the hole from tee to green
  • -Statistic analysis
    •    ->Allows you to track previous scores and your handicap
  • -Shock and water resistant
  • -The measuring point moves with the golfer


The GolfBuddy also delivers on convenience:


  • -Multiple languages
  • -Rechargeable battery
  • -Swivel holster


Although these are not things that I would think about when purchasing a gps I think that this device makes using a gps very convenient for every golfer.


The only downside that I can find with this product is that it is if you are not so computer savvy.  There have been some issues with the software and patches where issued for glitches.  This is not a problem for guys like my friend.  He works with computers daily and downloads updates all of the time...  not to mention that he has had no problems with his device.


Over all I am very impressed with the GolfBuddy and because there is no annual or activation fee I am more inclined to put this on my wish list for the year!  I have no doubt that you will see me with one of these in the very near future.


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Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS RangeFinder