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Palm Springs Putting Green by the Lake

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The Golf Club at Lane Creek

Inaugurated in 1992, the Lane Creek is owned by Medalist Golf. It was recently renovated by its new owners. The changes included new greens and bunkers - all redesigned. The water works and drainage were also comprehensively altered. The greens have all been adorned with Champion Bermuda grass.

YE Yang's win over Tiger woods

Tiger Woods is the world renowned golfer whose name has become synonymous with the USA PGA Championships.

An Overview of Putters

Every sport possesses several fundamental aspects of it that separate the great players from the average or below average.  In basketball, players who look for the pass first and have great court vision often make their team better, which produces optimum results for the team.  In baseball, players who look to bunt the runner ahead one base also help produce great results for the team.

The PGA Golf Championships

The USA PGA Golf Championship is played annually in North America and has seen 91 glorious tournaments since its inception in Jan. 17, 1916. This was ironically started by a Scotsman. However, an Englishman named Jim Barnes won the first 5 titles before an American player even joined the ranks. The tournament is part of the PGA Tour and is conducted by the PGA (Professional Golf Association of America).

New Ping Golf Clubs - G15 & i15

Since the invention of the “PING 1A” which started a family business that has been recognized worldwide, the company’s phenomenal success has spanned half a century. J.K. Solheim, Vice-President of Engineering and grandson of PING’s founder, maintains that much is being learned from the Flight Fitting Software and other research engineering to help lower scores.

2009 PGA Championships Preview

The World Series.  The Super Bowl.  The Masters.  The PGA Championship.  These are just a few of sports’ greatest tournaments of all time.  These events are where legends are born, where good players become great and where dreams are fulfilled or shattered all in an instant.

Why Buy Custom Clubs?

There is an old saying that applies to many things in life: one size fits all.  The concept of one size fits all, however, does not allow for flexibility and convenience.  Flexibility and convenience are two very important parts of the average person’s life.  We all want the flexibility to do as we please and the convenience of having everything custom made for us.

The Golf Membership Card

Golf has become incredibly popular since the 90s with the rise of Tiger Woods as an identifiable star.  People all around the world began to play the game in record numbers and the golf industry thrived as a result.  Playing golf, particularly on a regular basis, can be an expensive hobby.  If you play 18 holes per weekend 6 months out of the year, at $50 per round this costs roughly $1,400 a year.  If you play the game at this same pace for 20 years, you will have spent $28,000 on golf. 

Stewart Cink-2009 Open Champion

WOW!  An unbelievable ending to one of the toughest tournaments I have ever watched.  We watched the best in the world get thrown from the tournament after two rounds, we watched a legend return to his former glory and show the world why he is a legend and the winner of 8 major championships and we saw a man become a champion by delivering a crushing blow on the last shot of the tournament.

2009 Open Championship

The Open Championship of Golf, the oldest of the 4 Majors.  The British Open is played in various locations throughout the British Iles, the most famous of these courses in St. Andrews .  This year the Open Championship will be played on the Ailsa Course at Turnberry in Ayrshire, Scotland.  On July 16-19, 2009 Padraig Harrington will defend his title and attempt to win the open for the third time in as many years.

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