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Geoff Ogilvy Player Profile

Wilt Chamberlain.  Wayne Gretzky.  Joe Namath.  Babe Ruth.  Jack Nicklaus.  Each of these players have one thing in common: they were among the best at their respective sport and have remained that way throughout history.  At some point though, the best has to be replaced with someone new and the records have to be broken.  Michael Jordan, Mario Lemieux, Joe Montana, Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez have all come along and taken over their respective games.

Why The Short Game is Critical to Your Golf Score

In baseball, everyone loves the home run hitter.  The player that can hit 500 foot homeruns and pile up 40, 50 or 60 homeruns in a given year is incredibly popular for his ability to wow the fans.  What many people do not realize, however, is that the team this player is on wins championships based on the unsung tasks of advancing the runner, shifting the infield at key times of the game and etceteras.

Ernie Els Player Profile

It is a great honor and distinction to be known as one of the world’s greatest golfers.  There are only a handful of players in the world who are universally recognized as the best golfers in the world today: Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els.  Each of these golfers have a few things in common; they were very good at a very early age, have won many tournaments and have used their fame for the betterment of society.

How to Buy The Right Golf Clubs

Buying the right golf clubs can be a frustrating exercise for those looking to purchase new equipment. There are many choices of clubs on the marketplace at varying prices, and it can be difficult to know what you actually need. Many people might select golf clubs based on the brand name or the fact that their favorite professional plays these clubs. Many tour pros will offer several pieces of key advice when selecting golf clubs.

Golf Trip Ideas for Friends or Co-Workers

Work has been stressful, the kids have been sick, your significant other just recently went on a trip with friends, it is that time of year again, and etcetera.  Whatever the reason, a golf trip is always an excellent get away for those who love the game.  There are many destinations and packages you can sign up for, along with a few simple tips that will help ensure you have the most fun once you have chosen your package.

Yani Tseng: Yes, She Can

Think golf is a game purely for men? Think again! 

Sergio Garcia: The Spectacle from Spain

Anyone worth his two cents in the golfing community has heard about Sergio Garcia. The golfing prodigy, who started playing at the age of 3, won his first championship at 12. At 16, he became the youngest person to first make the cut at the 1995 Turespana Open Mediterranea, a prestigious European Tour Event.  In 1995, he went on to win the European Amateur, becoming the youngest player to do so. Three years later, he won the British Amateur. By 1999, Garcia was playing in the Masters Tournament.

Annika Sorenstam: Female Golfing Legend

Tiger Woods called her the best female golfer of all time and rightly so. After all, how many females in golfing history can lay claim to achieving in such a short time everything that Annika Sorenstam has done? And, given who she is to the golfing world, more than one eyebrow shot up in incredulity when Sorenstam announced her retirement in March 2008. What will she do next? Will she still play golf? Where will she go? These are only some of the questions that Sorenstam was pelted with after her dramatic announcement.

Tips for Planning a Successful Golf Tournament

Large scale organizing has many challenges, whether it is organizing a wedding, large birthday party or a golf tournament.  There are many different things you can do in the pre-event planning, actual event execution and post-event follow-up that will make your golf tournament a success.

Lorena Ochoa Player Profile

We often watch in amazement as our favorite stars perform on the big stage but we never truly see all the hard work and time that went into getting them to that moment.  A great example of this is the world’s current #1 female golfer, Lorena Ochoa.

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