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Camilo Villegas Player Profile

There are some professional athletes who transcend their sport for reasons other than their ability at their particular craft.  The most recent example is Anna Kournikova, who is a decent tennis player compared to her peers, however is most well known for her physical attributes and many appearances in magazines, photo shoots, websites and etceteras.  Golf has several players who fit this same mold, notably on the men’s side in Camilo Villegas.     

James Kenneth Perry: The Golfer Who Tried and Triumphed

The story of James Kenneth Perry is one of inspiration and perseverance. He is also ultimate proof that you’ll get what you want - eventually.

Born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Perry was pretty much bred and raised in different parts of Kentucky. He spent his formative years in Simpson County, and then moved to McCracken County, where he finished high school. He then went to the Western Kentucky University where he graduated college.

Bernhard Langer Player Profile

Golf is a timeless game full of history, excitement and stories of those who played this wonderful game.  Each player has unique personal facts about their life both on the golf course and outside the golf course; Bernhard Langer is certainly no exception to this.  Langer was born on August 27, 1957 in Anhausen, Germany where his father landed after escaping a Russian prisoner-of-war train. 

Perez Wins 2009 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

The day Pat Perez won the 2009 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic held at the Palm Dessert was the day he managed to do what only the best in the golfing world can: win a major tourney. Perez bested nine other players in the top 10. This year's win is Perez’s first for the USPGA tour. He licked 26-year old John Merrick, who was also looking for his first USPGA, by three. Over the closing stages, the battle for the win was tight.

Anthony Kim: A PGA Tours Success Story

One of the prominent professional golfers of America, Anthony Kim is known for his achievements in the various golf tournaments. Anthony Ha-Jin Kim was born a Korean American on June 19, 1985 in Los Angeles. Kim was educated at the La Quinta High School in La Quinta in California.  Now he is a resident of Dallas Texas.  

Bob Hope Chrysler Classic: A Place Where Titans Clash

How prestigious is the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic? Well, think of it this way: win the tourney and you will have made a name for yourself in golfing history. That is how prestigious the tournament is!

Tiger Woods – the invincible

Eldrick Tiger Woods started his golfing career as a participant in the junior golf championship held in the year 1984. He went on winning the title of the ‘Optimist International Junior Championship’ the same year. Since then he has been cruising through and making his presence felt in every prestigious golf event.  

Only Golf - The best balls

Today’s golf balls are extremely sophisticated and made of elastomer. Their performance level is of superior quality. According to their characteristics golf balls can be divided into three categories: Firstly distance and sturdiness, secondly distance and control, thirdly control and feel.

50th Bob Hope Classic: A picture frame of desert, sand and mountain

A majestic view and show down in beautiful Palm Springs California, a virtual gift in the first month of the 2009 Golf season. As players from the PGA tour join their host; Arnold Palmer for some great golf in only the 3rd week of the season.

Sand, surf and tee; The PGA Sony Open Hawaii

Sand, surf, sea and golf come together to form a heady cocktail in Hawaii in the form of the PGA Sony Open golf tournament. With the Pacific Ocean and Koko Crater forming a stunning backdrop and the famed Waialae Golf Course in the foreground, the stage set could hardly be any better.

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