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Golf Clubs

An Overview of Putters

Every sport possesses several fundamental aspects of it that separate the great players from the average or below average.  In basketball, players who look for the pass first and have great court vision often make their team better, which produces optimum results for the team.  In baseball, players who look to bunt the runner ahead one base also help produce great results for the team.

New Ping Golf Clubs - G15 & i15

Since the invention of the “PING 1A” which started a family business that has been recognized worldwide, the company’s phenomenal success has spanned half a century. J.K. Solheim, Vice-President of Engineering and grandson of PING’s founder, maintains that much is being learned from the Flight Fitting Software and other research engineering to help lower scores.

Why Buy Custom Clubs?

There is an old saying that applies to many things in life: one size fits all.  The concept of one size fits all, however, does not allow for flexibility and convenience.  Flexibility and convenience are two very important parts of the average person’s life.  We all want the flexibility to do as we please and the convenience of having everything custom made for us.

Hit It Big With the Big Bertha Diablo Driver

Explosive power and distance can be yours with the Big Bertha Diablo driver.  One of Callaway Golf’s newest clubs, this driver can be an excellent addition to your golf bag.  This 100% titanium driver is sure to give your shots the added power that you are looking for in a driver to help your ball further with less energy from you. 

Nike SQ Dymo 2009 Driver With Powerbow Technology

The Nike SQ Dymo driver is all-new for 2009. The 2009 DYMO driver corrects a few issues seen in previous models, including an improved grip for better control on each shot. DYMO stands for “Dynamic Moment of Inertia,” which means that the club technology has been optimized to provide the best performance every time, no matter how you hit the ball. Re-engineered to optimize launch and loft, it is designed to make it easier to get the ball airborne. With optimized ball flight, you’ll be able to get maximum distance out of every shot.

Get a Grip on Golf Club Grips

What is one of the most important part of your golf club?  The golf grip, of course!  If your golf clubs have a grip that you are not comfortable with or throws off your swing, it can make a big difference in your golf game.  If the golf grip on your clubs is old and worn out, you will find that it is harder for your hands to work together to swing in sync to make consistent contact with the ball.  When playing with your old golf clubs, you want to consider the golf grip to ensure that you are getting maximum control from your clubs.

Enhance Your Putting Game With the Odyssey White Hot XG Putter

No matter how good you hit your driver and irons, if you do not have a putter that you can trust, your golf game will not be up to par.  Putters are an essential part of your golf bag, and finding one that you can use confidently is essential to having a competitive game.  The Odyssey White Hot XG Putter may be one putter that you will want to consider for your golf bag.

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Neutral Fairway Wood

The Callaway Diablo Neutral fairway wood is part of the very popular Big Bertha line. The Callaway Diablo fairway wood blends control and accuracy with forgiveness, distance, and versatility, to create a club that is perfect for many different skill levels. Even with mis-hits, slices and hooks are not as pronounced as with most other clubs.

Enhance Your Short Game With the Cleveland CG14 Special Edition Camo Wedge

Cleveland Golf has long been known for their innovative and dependable wedges.  The Cleveland Golf CG14 Special Edition Camo Wedge is not only physically appealing.  It is also a very useful club that you can depend on to get you out of those tight jams on the golf course.