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Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Neutral Fairway Wood

The Callaway Diablo Neutral fairway wood is part of the very popular Big Bertha line. The Callaway Diablo fairway wood blends control and accuracy with forgiveness, distance, and versatility, to create a club that is perfect for many different skill levels. Even with mis-hits, slices and hooks are not as pronounced as with most other clubs. A large effective hitting area makes this club more effective for golfers whose swing is not as consistent as they would like. It is especially recommended for golfers who are trying to get a little more distance on each drive.

The Diablo fairway wood comes with three different graphite shaft choices, including the popular Diablo DVS Graphite from Aldila. This club is known for offering plenty of choices, including stiff, regular, and senior flex, 3, 5, 7 9, 13N, 15N, and 18N woods, and five lofts from 13 to 23.5 degrees. This club includes plenty of classic Callaway design elements, including variable face thickness (VFT) for optimum ball speed across the clubface.

The Big Bertha Diablo fairway wood comes with Callaway’s Edge Technology, which utilizes the 100-percent stainless steel club to provide unique weight distribution. This technology is designed to help golfers hit longer and more accurate shots. Two club shapes are available, the “draw” and “neutral.”

The strategically designed Neutral Diablo fairway wood is intended for those who have a fundamentally good swing. The neutral weighting does not place any special spin on the ball to correct for swing errors. This allows for more shot-shaping capabilities for experienced golfers. On the other hand, the Draw design is better suited for golfers who often leave the clubface open at impact, hitting a fade or slice. The draw-weighting will create corrective spin to counteract this. Both the Neutral and Draw woods have an optimal center of gravity for golfers who want to hit the ball straight down the fairway despite their natural swing flaws.

Big Bertha Diablo fairway woods are popular not only among casual golfers, but even for the pros. Tour pros Phil Mickelson and Rocko Mediate both use the Diablo fairway wood.