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New Ping Golf Clubs - G15 & i15

Since the invention of the “PING 1A” which started a family business that has been recognized worldwide, the company’s phenomenal success has spanned half a century. J.K. Solheim, Vice-President of Engineering and grandson of PING’s founder, maintains that much is being learned from the Flight Fitting Software and other research engineering to help lower scores.

By mid August all the new products will be available in stores throughout the world, “Our engineering team continues to research and analyze the needs of all golfers,” said Solheim. The PING golf clubs offer forgiveness, stability, control, head size and appearance, determining the golfers’ choice worldwide and helping to make a positive difference in the game of golf.The PING engineering team met in Phoenix, Arizona recently both to launch its new products and to celebrate fifty years of supplying golfers with its quality product. The G15 iron has the high launching maximum forgiveness needed for consistent play.

Incorporated in the cavity design is a new Custom Tuning Port (CTP). This is designed to increase the moment of inertia. The G15 series are available in 3-9, PW,UW,SW & LW; in PING- DESIGNED AWT steel (Soft R,R,S and X flexes) and TFC 149i graphite shaft (L, Soft R,R, and S flexes) and  club w/graphite shaft. This product has a specific goal mainly to bring consistency to a player’s game and allows for easy hitting.

Both the G15 and the i15 series are made up of drivers, irons, hybrids, and fairway woods, The Company is hoping to attract, with the i15, the more skilled and experienced player golfer would chose clubs with more versatility and control.The designs have been engineered with a lot of thought on custom fitting after all no two players are alike, this ensures that every player can get the best out of their game.

The G15 and i15 range have 12 lie angles or colour codes and shafts that have multiple flexes in the shaft with graphite and steel. PING has also designed 6 new sizes for their grips allowing for comprehensive fitting options. The “woods” all offer two shafts with a variety of flexes and multiple lofts. The weight properties are well complimented by the lofts allowing for optimum flight characteristics.

The G15 driver has kept the more traditional pear shape head while giving it a much deeper face, allowing more ball speed while giving an experienced player a more solid feel.The i15 irons are weighted with tungsten in the toe allowing a more forgiveness without adding any unnecessary size to the club.All in all the sets are receiving rave reviews from premarket trials with golfers worldwide hoping to take advantage of PING’s newest product line.