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Nike SQ Dymo 2009 Driver With Powerbow Technology

The Nike SQ Dymo driver is all-new for 2009. The 2009 DYMO driver corrects a few issues seen in previous models, including an improved grip for better control on each shot. DYMO stands for “Dynamic Moment of Inertia,” which means that the club technology has been optimized to provide the best performance every time, no matter how you hit the ball. Re-engineered to optimize launch and loft, it is designed to make it easier to get the ball airborne. With optimized ball flight, you’ll be able to get maximum distance out of every shot.

The Nike SQ Dymo 2009 driver is known for giving great distance, and is very forgiving for off-center hits. The oversized head, measuring 460cc, has a large sweet spot and is great for golfers whose swings may not be as accurate as they’d like. Other than the size, the shape of the head is relatively traditional. One complaint about the 2009 SQ Dymo driver is that it lacks the face insert present on other driver brands that enlarge the effective hitting area. Still, the Dymo is known for being rather forgiving for off-center shots. Ball flight is known for being very consistent.

The SQ Dymo driver comes in five lofts, from 8.5 to 13 degrees. Each loft has a specific center of gravity specially tailored to help you hit the ball further. This center of gravity has been widely cited as one of the unique pros of this club. This feature is thanks to the PowerBow technology in this Dymo driver, which provides an optimal spin rate no matter how you hit the ball. With low lofts, Powerbow puts the center of gravity forward and higher, to provide maximum distance with less spin. In higher lofts, the center of gravity is lower, increasing spin rates and making it easier to get the ball airborne. One change from earlier DYMO drivers is that the Powerbow now blends into the head nicely, instead of sticking out. A large diameter, yet lightweight, shaft maintains stability at the moment of impact.

Nike’s DYMO lineup is specifically engineered to provide an optimum mix of high performance and forgiveness, making it an ideal club for a whole range of golf performance levels. Nike drivers have been one of the most popular brands on the PGA tour since their launch three years ago, and for good reason. Not surprisingly, it has gotten rave reviews from nearly every player to use it. In fact, Tiger Woods is now using the 2009 Nike SQ DYMO driver and you can click here to buy Nike Golf Equipment.

Nike SQ Dymo Driver

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