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An Overview of Putters

Every sport possesses several fundamental aspects of it that separate the great players from the average or below average.  In basketball, players who look for the pass first and have great court vision often make their team better, which produces optimum results for the team.  In baseball, players who look to bunt the runner ahead one base also help produce great results for the team.

This concept also exists in golf, where it is perhaps more glaring and obvious than any other sport.  Anyone who plays golf on a somewhat regular basis might be familiar with the phrase “drive for show, putt for dough.”  Essentially, this means that while it is fun to watch someone hit a long drive, they will win less tournaments and money to people who can putt the ball better.

Golfers with an excellent putting game will be consistently lower on the scorecard than those who are average at putting.  What makes a great putter?  The first step is getting a feel for your style and comfort while standing over the ball to putt.  For some people, a normal putter with a fluid stroke similar to using other clubs will be the way to go. 

There are other people who rely on different putters such as the long putter and the belly putter.  The long putter is exactly how it sounds; the shaft of the putter is much longer than the any other golf club.  The belly putter is in-between the normal putter and the long putter.  The belly putter is rested against the golfers’ belly (hence the name) and then used for the putting stroke. 

It’s important to keep in mind that you can get the most out of your short game by fitting yourself with the right putter.  Once you know your style, a golf professional can help you determine the proper putter.  Additionally, if you don’t know what putting style you use, the pro can educate on this for future use in your rounds. 

Once you have your style and actual putter in hand to match it, it’s time to take the course and show results.  Many tour professionals used the belly and long putters instead of the normal.  Your comfort and clubs you use are an evolution over