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Golf Courses

My Golf Experience of Golfing in BC

Visiting British Columbia, Canada is something that every golfer should do at least once in their lives.  My experience there is one that will be remembered forever.  Between enjoying the beautiful countryside and playing on courses that took my breath away I was amazed at what I found.  My experience took me all over BC, including Vancouver Island to visit some of the 250 golf courses that this area has to offer.

St. Andrews Golf Course Review

Classic.  This heavily used word can be applied to many things; classic music, movies, an era in sports and famous places.  The word classic denotes a timeless quality about something; it is just as popular today, if not more popular, then it ever was because like a fine wine, it has gotten better with age.  This can be said of the Beatles, Yankee Stadium, Casablanca and etceteras.  In the world of golf, one name comes to mind when you are discussing classic courses: St. Andrews.