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The Arthur hills course at Palmetto Dunes: A place for serious golfers

The Arthur hills course at Palmetto Dunes is a golfer's dream come true. The professional attitude of the course's administration is noticeable from the moment you set foot in the course. There are two practice greens that surround the clubhouse.

The course was designed by Arthur Hill and opened in 1986. It has eighteen holes and great shot values. The golf course is Hilton Head Island’s most celebrated offering. The terrain of the course rolls into the low country and the fairways seem to float on the dune lines. Accuracy is the key to playing at the course. Long hitters usually do not have a chance. The Atlantic breeze soothes you and also compels you to select suitable shots since the flow of wind also affects your play.

The golf course is full of surprises. The players keep wondering about the length of the green and the width of the shallow. If you look from the tee, the first hole looks straight. Surprisingly, the green is visible only form the right side since it is hidden behind two mounds. If the flag is in the front and you are on the left side of the tee, you must fly the ball to the green.

Arthur Hills Golf Course at Palmetto Dunes was named the golf course of the year for 2009 by the South Carolina Golf Course Owners Association.

The course is open to guests in the golf season. There is an excellent driving range. Rental carts, clubs and the sort are all easily available. The scorecard is as follows:

Middle tee - 6122 yards, forward tee - 4999 yards and championship - 6651 yards. Slopes  are 119, 118 and 132 respectively.
For hole 1 your round begins on the medium-length par 4. Tilt towards right center of the fairway and look out for the club selection on the second shot. The wind and a shallow green can become a nuisance.

The hidden green of the 18th hole is even more surprising since it is not visible until you actually set foot on it. It’s the most challenging one and the satisfaction driven from taking the 18th hole is enough to compensate for the admission fee.

There are 10 holes with and a degree of carry. Obviously the shop must be selling a lot of golf balls to the enjoyment of the players. Most of these balls must be lying peacefully beneath the water. Each of these tens holes is a challenge in itself. Take, for example, the ninth hole. If you send the ball flying and the ball is unfortunate enough to land at the centre of the fairway, it is sure to go for a drink. Yes, that's golf at its teasing best.

If you are serious about golf, the palmetto dunes are for you to conquer. The challenges are many at the course and a good golfer will surely find it entertaining as well as pleasing.

The most attractive attraction of the Arthur hills course at Palmetto Dunes is the historic Lamington Lighthouse. It is the only surviving lighthouse on Hilton Head Island. The lighthouse was originally known as the Hilton Head Range Light Station. It was built in 1879 as a part of navigational lighting system.