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The Golf course at Troon North

Troon North Golf course is one of the best desert golf courses. The 18 hole golf course provides every thing that a seasoned golfer could expect - and for a very reasonable amount of green fees.

If you are not a seasoned player, the course can be rather difficult. Still you can play at all levels. The ample fairways and hefty greens, along with the beautiful scenery add up to an eye-catching treat. The real estate development is far enough and do not hamper the scenic desert and the Pinnacle peak in the background setting.

The course was inaugurated in 1995. At that time it was- somewhat- confusing since the distance from greens and tees were not very accurate and players used to get confused all the time. Keeping this in view, the course was completely renovated in 2007. The resultant golf course is a much better course with greens and tees all within walking distance. Even bunkers were renovated so as to increase the appeal of the overall course.

The renovation changed the course's layout form par 72 to par 71. It is a modest 7,025 yards and a golfer's paradise.
Initially, if you want to get a feeling of the course, start with hole number 1. Keep the ball to the fairway’s left and concentrate on finding the right patch. The real challenge is three-putting.

All through the course, the game is really to gauge the steepness and roughness of the greens. Not a job for amateur players. Most probably, the holes will knock you down. More often than not, the huge boulders hinder your vision and block your access to the greens.

The eighth is not less of a challenge. It plays towards a rolling green encompassed by rocks and bunkers, playing over a shallow gorge. The collection area, to the right and beneath the green, presents some welcome and healthy exercise.

The 14th's elevated tee shot can throw the ball in there in just one shot. But it’s the 16th that you must look out for. The presence of water and bunkers predict that you use all your senses and take a good guess of the actual distance.

Troon North Golf Club is one of the really great golf clubs and has received quite a few accolades. A club in the vicinity provides lockers and a restaurant. It also has a large meeting room. The fee is $200-$300.

The driving range boasts some really good targets. You can also find putting greens and practice bunkers. The Callaway Performance center in the Troon North is one of the ten such centers in country. The Callaway provides skills of professionals golfers, combined with digital analysis. You can also learn memorable lessons from the certified professionals at the course.