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St. Etienne Golf course in the south of France

Situated in the south-west of Lyon, St. Etienne is not one of those famous cities of southern France where movie stars usually retreat for holidays. The city possesses a host of beautiful sceneries, yet it does not have the usual hustle and bustle of a popular tourist attraction. A hub for making bicycles, St. Etienne also has an excellent golf course: The Golf Club of St. Etienne.

Golf is a relatively new aspect of St. Etienne since the city was known in the 16th century for making arms and ammunition. In order to make use of a discarded mining site, the authorities undertook to construct this magnificent golf course.

The length of the golf course is 5,700 meters. There are 18 holes on the golf course. The opener of the course is 277 meters and steeps to the left hand side. The white tee is 5701 yards, yellow is 5358 yards, Blue is 4728 yards and the red is 4558 yards.

The over all outlook of the course is quite hostile. The fairways envelopes a few holes which can make your golfing experience a healthy exercise. In fact one of the fairways is the remnant of a hillside. The setting of the courses is such that you might just call the quits rather than walking ages to hit back if you miss a hole in the first attempt.

If you are visiting it for the course for the first time, you should be a little bit prudent since there are some nasty blind shots. The course has an ample supply of rental carts, trolleys and clubs so do not worry about carrying all that gear with you if you decide to go golfing.
The bulk of the players at St. Etienne are made up of local players or the guests at the golf hotel but the course welcomes all guests. If you are not serious about golf you will find it quite enjoyable since it offers exquisite sceneries of the hillsides. Majority of the people do not speak English but they are quite warm and hospitable.

Charges at St. Etienne are quite reasonable: just 55 Euros for walking. The long walks may irritate you at times but you shouldn't expect anything else from a hilly course. There is also an impressive driving range and a short-course consisting of 6 holes.

You can also find the Golf du Hotel of St. Etienne just an arm's length away where you can get great accommodation and even greater French cuisine. The hotel also sports a swimming pool. You can always enjoy a hefty French buffet after your long walks at the course.